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What is lifestyle financial planning?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

This is the first episode of the Free Like Me podcast from FLM Wealth Management. Today we have Caitlin Lambert, Senior Adviser, and Ben Smith, also a Senior Adviser. The Free Like Me podcast aims to help people just like you navigate the complex world of financial planning.

As an introduction to the Free Like Me podcast, Caitlin and Ben introduce the concept of wealth management and what financial freedom means. Because everyone has different ideas of what freedom means to them, planning for individual lifestyles is key.

The two advisers go on to discuss what it takes to get the best plan in place for a client. From guiding questions to challenging understandings of wealth, they see the role of an adviser as being more important than ever, particularly in a culture where talking about money is so taboo.

Ben reminds listeners that financial wellbeing strongly influences overall personal wellbeing and that managing your finances can be beneficial to your mental health. By setting plans in place and tackling things head on, you can reduce the levels of stress and anxiety you experience in life.

Finally, Caitlin and Ben wrap up by sharing what financial freedom looks like to each of them. They compare their goals and note that experiences are the primary focus of both plans, a trend they see continuing.

If you’d like to hear more about navigating the world of financial planning and wealth management for people like you, tune in again for our next episode of the Free Like Me podcast.

Intro 0.00 - 01.11

  • How has the approach to wealth changed over the last 10 years?

  • How Ben helps clients clarify their goals

  • What advisers do to help clients achieve those goals

  • The balance between saving and enjoying life

  • How to help clients who feel their plan isn’t working

  • The taboo of money is detrimental

  • The benefits of an adviser that speaks your language

  • Ben’s journey into financial planning

  • Building personal relationships with clients

  • What financial freedom looks like to Ben and Caitlin

  • How wealth is increasingly focused on experiences over material goods

Outro 29.00 - 29.38


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