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Providing both personal and corporate financial services, we tailor our service to fit your situation, whether you are interested in pre or post retirement planning or exit strategy planning. By exploring our personal wealth management and corporate finance sections you can learn more about the ways we can help you and your business.

For all areas marked with an asterix in the sections below, we will introduce you to Allard Associates, a Principal Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management. St. James's Place Wealth Management is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a FTSE 100 organisation. They are one of the leading wealth management companies in the UK.

'Principal Partner Practice' is a marketing term used to describe St. James's Place representatives.­

Personal Wealth Management

Tax Planning

We can provide active advice on all areas of tax planning, including income, assets and tax havens. Our experts can also make recommendations on share grants and options and off-shore tax planning. Non-domicile advice is available, as well as support in completing your annual return.

Asset Management*

Whether you're looking for advice on existing assets, risk management, diversification or offshore investments, Financial Focus is the only service you need. Our team can also offer guidance on the effective use of retirement funds and the tax implications of investments.

Financial Planning and Assistance*

Financial Focus offers general financial planning advice on ISAs, life cover, savings and pensions. We also assist with unit trusts, tax returns, private banking, life insurance cover and debt restructuring.


We provide an annual review of your existing mortgage arrangements and advise on new arrangements.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep repayments on your mortgage.

*These services are provided by The St. James's Place Partnership through Allard Associates.

Your Property, Loans and Savings

Personal Tax Planning

We're confident that our direct, low-risk tax planning services, for both companies and individuals, will provide most of our clients with an opportunity to reduce their tax. Whether you're concerned about reducing your income tax and National Insurance or want advice on the use of allowances, tax claims or capital gains tax, our experts are able to advise you

*Through our Financial Focus programme. Part of our tax planning for companies’ service also includes guiding you through tax-efficient investments, pension planning and SIPPS*.

With many years’ experience of tax planning for London businesses and individuals, FLM have the experience needed to ensure they plan your finances and tax liability effectively, with your best interests in mind. Effective tax planning means there are many ways in which it's possible to defer your tax payment to a future date, at which there may be a lower level of liability.

*For sophisticated investors, who are willing to take a high risk with the capital they invest, you can explore the potential of venture capital trusts, enterprise investment schemes**,­ near-retirement pension schemes and other bespoke deferral schemes for high earners and people with significant capital gains.

Last, but not least, we can help you plan to meet your tax liabilities. We will provide an accurate estimate of what you owe and find a good home for the money you put aside.

The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time and are dependent on individual circumstances.

**Please note that VCTs and EISs are suitable only for experienced, sophisitcated or high net worth investors who accept that they may get back significantly less than the original investment.

-These represent a much higher risk than investing in larger well established listed companies listed on the FTSE All Share Index and are inherently more illiquid.

-The legislation surrounding VCTs and EISs and as a result their tax treatment, are subject to individual circumstances, may change in the future and could apply retrospectively.


Tax Returns

Income Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax

Internationally Mobile Taxpayers

Non-UK Domiciles

Business Tax Planning

As a business owner you want to devote all your energy into making your business a success. The last thing you need is to feel constrained by reams of daunting paperwork and difficult financial decisions. Our tax planning and compliance service for business owners is designed to remove these drains on your time and energy. Not only giving you the freedom to apply yourself fully to your business, but also providing the confidence of knowing that your financial decisions are based on the best advice possible.

We will advise and assist you through every aspect of setting up and running a business, from the initial compliance requirements to long term exit plans, and everything in between. We take a genuine interest in the performance of all our clients businesses and aim to be an integral part of their success.

Business Start-up and Compliance Service

Company Structures

Remuneration from a Ltd Company

Employee Share and Options Schemes

Plans For Expansion

Exit Strategy

Corporate Finance

Although we built our business originally on the service we offer to personal clients, we also have the expertise to work on behalf of businesses in the area of tax and accountancy, cost control, financial services and exit strategy planning.­ Our aim is to ensure that CEOs and shareholding directors can maximise their personal gain and see a significant improvement in their standard of living.­ We assist in the following key areas:


As well as general accountancy services and specialist tax advice, we can offer planning services on inheritance tax, guidance on offshore trusts and companies, share schemes and self-invested personal pensions*. We also help you to purchase property via tax-exempt schemes.

Business cost control

From commercial mortgages and loans, through to insurance, business banking and cost-reduction analysis, we can make a significant contribution to controlling your costs.­ Our expertise also extends to commercial finance, asset finance and employee benefits.

Financial Services*

Our potential input here is very wide-ranging and stretches from, shareholder protection and key man assurance through to shareholder schemes, pensions and investments. We can identify opportunities with the new pensions legislation, while also advising on offshore investments, saving schemes (such as ISAs and unit trusts) and an extensive range of employee benefits.


Exit Strategy Planning

There will undoubtedly come a time when you’ll want to realise the value of your business.­ You can work with us to plan strategically and create a viable exit strategy. Whether it’s the valuation, sales process management, post-sales investment advice or tax planning, we’re there to help.

General Services

We also offer a range of legal and HR services to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

* These services are provided by Allard Associates, a Principal Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management.

Employee Care

As well as providing a comprehensive personal wealth management service, at FLM we also specialise in looking after top employees in all of their financial needs whilst communicating the value of the package they receive from their employer. Our exciting and innovative employee benefits package is specifically designed to attract, retain and motivate key employees. Unlike most benefits which are based on pound notes, this benefit is based purely on care.

The benefit we provide is called Financial Focus. In short it allows busy executives to outsource all aspects of their finances. The end result is an employee who pays less tax, builds wealth effectively and has highly organised financial house-keeping. That employee then sees their employer as the source of these good things.

The key benefits of financial focus to an employer are as follow:

  • A stronger recruitment package
  • Approved solutions to reducing the 50% tax liability
  • Ability to recruit a wider range of peopleMotivated key executives
  • Adds to the retention of existing key executives
  • Top employees who feel valued and cared for

Small cost but huge source of motivation.


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